Welcome X96 Listeners!

Potential heathens, closeted atheists, or even those who are sill LDS…welcome to PodHell.com!

This is PodHell Media, home of the Utah Outcasts podcast which if you were listening to Radio From Hell’s “Ask A” feature this morning, you heard one half of the panel that makes up the Utah Outcasts. We just happen to be lucky to have Felicia and Amanda as part of the show not only due to their amazing brains and sultry voices, but also because they’re the senior members of Atheists of Utah.

I don’t know about you guys, but I think they did a spectacular job on the show this morning and especially with the callers who brought up some of the most tired arguments we’ve heard over and over. The show will be on their podcast feed later this morning I’m sure, and I’ll make sure to isolate their involvement and put it here too. Please, they’re the best morning show in Utah and if you don’t already, go give them a listen.

Utah Outcasts is NOT an official product of Atheists of Utah, however we do talk about events coming up and other members of the organization because we’re honestly one big family of nonbelievers here in Utah.

We currently have only Utah Outcasts as part of our network, but do have one other show making its way to PodHell but if you think you too might have a show for us to host for you on this here network, contact me directly either through: xopher@podhell.com or by clicking the “contact us” form at the top of the page.