Utah Outcasts #12 – vs Kerry Jackson

It’s not often that you get a chance to meet one of the most influential people in your life, and this week, we got to do just that as the Outcasts were invited over to Kerry Jackson’s house, to the X96 Radio From Hell legend’s basement (aka DINK Studios) where they record Geekshow Podcast…to record our best interview to date.

You will, however, have to wait until near the end of the show to get to that interview. I’d tell you exactly where, but c’mon the point is to listen to OUR portion THEN the interview, sheesh. Your normal panel consisted this week of Kyle, Felicia and myself as we went over a little bit of the week’s news, the fun stuff with the KY county clerk, and of course some of the best personal stories we could think up from the week past. You know, like a family member telling me that my atheism is wrong. Wooooo! Good times.

The interview will send you off finally with our over an hour long discussion with Mr. Jackson concerning topics as varied as his atheism, how to not be THAT geek, beer, cheese, comics, movies, and oh my Crom oh so much more. It’s easy to see in our chat with the radio luminary just how fucking expert he is at his craft. Seriously though, if you’re not already, you really need to subscribe to all of his various podcasts and show him a little bit of corporate love.

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OPENING SONG – The Aggrolites – “Free Time”
CLOSING SONG – Reel Big Fish – “Everyone Else is an Asshole”

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