Utah Outcasts Secret Patron Show #6

Originally published 23 November 2015, this is the Secret Show where Kyle and his wife Carleigh, X, and Felicia listen to a whole bunch of dumb coming out of Candace Cameron’s bawk ba gawk about Ben Carson. Since it’s now officially past the six month threshold we now present it to you…in all of its dated glory. If you want to hear this content fresh, please consider supporting the show via Patreon.

The original text from Patreon follows below:

Here it is folks! Kyle, Felicia, Carleigh, and X join forces to combat the stupidity of the panel of The View where Joy Behar seems to be the only sane person on the show as she stands up to Candace Cameron. What does she say? Oh that Ben Carson has to be smart because he’s a doctor AND that belief in creationism doesn’t have to clash with people being scientists.

It’s a whole bunch of dumb that falls from her face and sadly Whoopie does say some dumb too, but it’s a great listen.

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