Utah Outcasts #82 – Nyet Comrade

On this week’s episode of Utah Outcasts we’ve got one of the best shows I think we’ve ever done. Join X, Kyle, and Felicia as we go over the following topics:

NEWS YOU MISSEDThe Satanic Temple here in Utah is starting to really get under the skin of pearl grasping Christians after hosting an open house for After School Satan , Jeff Sessions is an absolute train wreck of a human being for saying that secular people aren’t fit for holding public office , and last but not least a Canadian couple who killed their 18-month old child is out of prison and going on a award tour to alternative medicine establishments for their maple syrup + hot pepper cures .

YOU OUGHTA KNOW – Our special segment this month we spend about 40 minutes going over something that is troubling us as voters and fans of our country, and that’s the overwhelming sense that all is not right in the world with Donald Trump’s presidency. As promised in the segment, here’s the news articles.

  1. Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, was one of the operatives working in Ukraine to install a pro-Russian government.
  2. Paul Manafort and Roger stone worked close together for years, and ran a “pro-torture” lobby in DC. They own a mutual lobbying firm – one of the most powerful in Washington.
  3. Manafort went missing for several weeks in 2010 (as well as 2014)same year the documents allege that Trump began to be cultivated by Moscow.Roger Stone openly joked he was kidnapped by the Russians.
  4. Trump began birthirism in 2011.
  5. Cory Lewandowski was fired from Trump’s campaign and Paul Manafort put in.
  6. Immediately, Trump’s stance on Russia changedpledged to remove sanctions on Russia full-stop.
  7. Manafort was found to receive an off-the-books 12-million dollar payment in Ukraine.
  8. Manafort’s ties were discovered and resigned, but CONTINUED TO LIVE IN TRUMP TOWER AND ADVISE DONALD TRUMP.
  9. Simultaneously – DNC is hacked by Russia.
  10. Mysteriously, Roger Stone tweets that he knows of Podesta leaks before ANY INFORMATION ABOUT THEM IS RELEASED
  11. Trump hires Steve Bannon – also known well by Roger Stone.
  12. General Flynn and Carter Pagetwo men with deep ties to Russiaalso join the campaign.
  13. Russians accused of Podesta and DNC hacks formally in OctoberTrump denies.
  14. Trump wins – continues to be soft on RussiaIntel Community formally declares it was Russia.
  15. TalkingPointsMemo reports that General Michael Flynn is giving Trump daily ‘intelligence updates.’ 
  16. Russian spies and spy agencies inside US shut down, people kicked the fuck out.
  17. General Michael Flynn found to be illegally contacting the Russian ambassador before-and-during this time. He contacted the same day as sanctions from Obama for hacking.
  18. Trump appoints an extremely pro-Russian SoS Rex Tillerson.
  19. Trump is briefed on 35-page dossier.
  20. Trump mocks the intelligence agencies in the United States, and then proceeds to praised Wikileaks and JulianAssange
  21. Trump admits it was Russia, but promises better relations and that Putin will “not hack the US again with himthere.”

FUN WITH REAL AUDIOGordon Klingenschmitt thinks that gay teachers shouldn’t be allowed because Jesus or something  and Rick Joyner thinks that you can cut out whole segments of the population just because you don’t like them .

TIME FOR RANTS – X wonders what’s it going to take for the American people to get outraged, yeah it’s another rant about Trump and the GOP, but we’ll soon get back to religion I’m sure…except the two feed off each other you know, politics and religion I mean.

That’s all we got for you all this week, thank you all so much for giving us a listen! Please get in touch with us if you have anything you want to discuss with us further or to let us know what you thought of the episode this week. We love hearing from our listeners!

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