Utah Outcasts #79 – Debbie Downer

When it gets to be this close to the new year, the Utah Outcasts’ ranks start to dwindle, as this episode you get a whole heapin’ helping of X and Kyle with an appearance by special guest Kaitlyn Booth as we go over this week’s segments:

NEWS YOU MISSEDArkansas’s Jason Rapert is barreling his way into a lawsuit by The Satanic Temple, Sean Hannity has bankrolled a new Kevin Sorbo Atheist-turned-Christian drama called “Let There Be Light”, Bill O’Reilly has declared a winner in the WAR ON XMAS and guess who won, A federal judge in Texas has halted the implementation of the burn-or-bury fetus bill, The right continues to eat itself as Tony Perkins gets pissed that Rex Tillerson is picked as State Department, and finally in a brazen take-my-ball-and-going-home move the GOP in North Carolina is doing their worst to mess up the new Democratic governor’s transition.

MULTIPLE CHOICE MORMON – We return with a new game for December and it’s all about general information about LDS doctrine as X tries to make a boring as shit quiz that much more fun. Points to be won if you play at home along with the show.

FUN WITH REAL AUDIOGordo Klingo is foaming at the mouth to tell you that his critics are demon powered, Alex Jones swears that Kanye is trying to escape the illuminati, Pat Robertson shows his super sass by trashtalking Sarah Palin in the kindest way possible, and finally Alex Jones again but this time he wants to warn you that the CIA and Obama are planning on assassinating Trump.

INTERVIEW – We take a quick sabbatical to talk with local film-critic and geek news writer, Kaitlyn Booth.

TIME FOR RANTS – Kyle gives us his emotional and heartfelt recap on the human condition especially when it comes to dying with dignity.

Thank you all so much for giving us a listen, please get in touch with us if you have anything you want to discuss with us further or to let us know what you thought of the episode this week. We love hearing from our listeners!

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