Utah Outcasts #74 – Everything is Not OK

On this week’s Utah Outcasts we bring you the first episode in Trump’s America. Yes he’s not been sworn in, but he is the President-elect and that’s fucking terrifying. Join Kyle, Felicia, and X as we go through the following segments.

NEWS YOU MISSED – Sam Harris claims Trump is first atheist president and laughs at the evangelicals that got him there, a New Hampshire town re-erects a Ten Commandments monument but adds flagpoles and a note because that makes it ok right?, Ben Carson tapped as Secretary of Education…fucking really?

YOU OUGHTA KNOW – We give you a quick and dirty primer on what it’ll take for you to escape the USA and become a citizen of another country and of course you need to really really think about Mexican food before you commit.

FUN WITH REAL AUDIO – Pat Robertson and guest claim the 30s were easier for blacks, David Barton just loves misleading people about voter turnout, and finally Pat and his guest opine about MLK and genocide of the black community through eugenics aka abortion.

TIME FOR RANTS – X’s rant this week was about “The Closet” and how most conservative put themselves there by voting for Donald Trump.

Make sure you stick around for the special rant that Felicia recorded at the end of the episode…all about Trump. It’s worth listening to a few times y’all.

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