Utah Outcasts #73 – Ordain Women

It’s Tuesday and you might be thinking to yourself, “what the hell is this new episode of Utah Outcasts doing on my podcast player?”, and let’s face it, ever since we’ve moved onto Wednesdays I’ve loved having extra time to get shows done, but considering today of all days is election day, we feel like we can’t let the information contained within this episode go without being heard right before you might vote.

I’m willing to wager that most of you aren’t Trump supporters, but if there’s at least a chance that someone might be or that we could change your mind this is the episode to listen to and share, especially for the first segment.

News You MissedVladimir Putin and Russia are actively trying to elect Trump and we’re not even kidding how far down the rabbithole this story goes, Giuliani has been receiving intelligence from FBI agents ahead of Congress, and finally the next battleground has been laid for a new Bundy Brothers standoff but will the government actually do something about it this time?

The Geekery – Wonder Woman has a new trailer, Kyle reviews Doctor Strange, we talk about Starship Troopers and whether we think a remake is necessary, the author of The Last Unicorn is being abused and we provide a PSA about it, we have learned the storyline that will comprise the new Ghost in the Shell movie coming out soon, The Black Hole has been shelved for now, and finally a new Big Hero 6 cartoon is coming and most of the voice cast is intact!

Fun With Real AudioGlenn Beck says Trump is the most vindictive man on the planet, which we agree wholeheartedly with. Jim Bakker perpetrates the “gave the Internet away” lie again.

Interview – We have a whopper of an interview with our guest this week, Debra Jensen from the Ordain Women movement! If you didn’t know, Ordain Women is the group that is trying to change the LDS church from within in order to allow people of the female gender to receive the various superpowers that the boys get. I kid, they’re honestly looking for equality within their religion and any group that’s trying to cause a reformation in a religion we’re usually JUST FINE with.

Time for Rants – X rants on having tell his daughter about Trump grabbing women by the meow.

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