Utah Outcasts #67 – Evangelical Interview

Hey everybody, welcome back once again to another fine episode of the Utah Outcasts! We’ve got a great show for you this week as X, Kyle, and Felicia go over the following:

News You MissedReddit has a document dump of Mormon office papers, Saskatchewan man to build his own ark park, shitty excuse of a human being kills his cancer surviving daughter but first checks with God, and we have a Trump news roundup.

The Game – Who doesn’t enjoy a multiple choice quiz based on the real stuff that the Church of Scientology believes and does?

Fun With Real AudioJesse Lee Peterson says that Intellectuals are absolute nutcases through his slurred speech, Pete Olson from Texas thinks we’ll be surrendering to ISIS within a year of Hillary being elected, Bryan Fischer advocated facism under Trump, and Pat Robertson thinks that Radical Socialist Obama will bring death to this country…in like his last 3 months.

The Interview – This week we have “Andy”, a local evangelical christian join us on the program to talk about why he believes what he believes…and we level just about everything we have in our collective atheist arsenal to make him think twice about his positions. Weighing in around 40 minutes, it’s a great interview.

Highs For The Week – X is supremely happy at crossing 100 subscribes on YouTube and for having stronger download numbers. Kyle and Felicia’s? You’ll have to just listen!

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