Utah Outcasts #65 – Good Guy Satan

This week on the Utah Outcasts, join podcasting’s most terrific trio of atheist and counterculture degenerates as we go over the following:

Hey everybody, welcome to this week’s episode of Utah Outcasts! We’ve got a special guest for you this week, Chalice Blythe from The Satanic Temple Utah Chapter joins X and Kyle for nearly 100% of the show with a special pop-in by Felicia near the end

News You Missed – Bryan Fischer thinks Colin Kaepernick is breaking the law for not standing at attention, Ohio school cuts creationism and intelligent design from science curriculum, Joe Smith Jr. had a second seer stone, John Kasich is floored by a British atheist, and Josh Feuerstein defends deadly military baptism.

The Geekery – We take The Watchmen and relate it to the world as it exists right now and wonder who would be the real life counterpart to the comic book character.

Fun With Real Audio – Only three assholes to talk about this week, David Barton talking about his doctorate degree, Alex Jones and some guy want the death penalty for the Clintons, and finally Ben Carson is asked by Chris Wallace if he feels like a prop.

The Interview – We talk with Chalice Blythe from The Satanic Temple’s Utah Chapter about all things satanism as well as some personal questions…which she was more than happy to answer.

Highs For The Week – Felicia take’s Chalice’s place for the last segment of the show as the panel talk about their best parts of the week.

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OPENING SONGCourtesy of Teknoaxe used with permission
CLOSING SONGBaba Brinkman “Religion Evolves” used with permission

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