Utah Outcasts #50 – Hie to Kolob

This week the Outcasts take you down the road traveled many a time before with our last 3 episodes of season one. There is of course News You Missed, Fun With Real Audio, our Main Topic, and our highs and lows for the week. Your panel this week consisted of the core being Felicia, X, and Kyle as we had a great time and a great episode recording.

Just a few of the things discussed this week include more of the transgender bathroom issues (especially one close to home), the real belief of Mormons in a secret place called Kolob…and if you think that sounds familiar one just needs to watch their Battlestar Galactica to catch the reference. We had Gordon Klingenschmitt come on to tell us that Kaitlyn Jenner needs a good exorcising to become a real boy once again and oh so much more.

I do feel like I need to apologize for the last 7 minutes of the show as for some reason Skype started making everyone skip in and out. I would have edited it out but there’s some good stuff there still. Seriously though, you don’t need to watch the last bit once the video goes wonky.

1:03 – News You Missed
1:40 – Three Things Ever Mormon Should Know About Kolob
18:00 – Transphobe Shackles Relative in Basement
23:39 – Super Bundy Bros.
31:55 – Prayer on House Floor to Kill the Gays
35:47 – Fun With Real audio
37:09 – Gordon Klingenschmitt Wants to Exorcise With Kaitlyn Jenner
48:21 – Jim Bakker and His Minions Count to Five
58:56 – Walid Shoebat’s Wild Muslim Pilot Fear
1:06:52 – Anti-trans Fervor Hits Utah
1:19:32 – Highs and Lows for the Week

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