Utah Outcasts #164 – Naughty Language

There are some days that me checking Right Wing Watch for new content turns out to be manna from heaven. You’ll never believe what Mr. InfoWars is mad about this time…I’ll give you a hint, it’s in the title of the episode.

Let’s dispense with the frivolity and get into the show for this Wednesday. Join Kyle, Felicia, and X as we go over the following topics:


Well, sadly this is the part where we must…part. I’m no wordsmith. We will be back on Friday, where we will be releasing our Secret Patron Show from about 6 months back which will be fresh to those who aren’t patrons but considering how dated it is, why not give a buck a month and save yourself the anguish of not knowing what’s coming next? We’ll be back again on Monday with a new episode for you all to enjoy. Catch you then!

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OPENING SONGAKnewGod “Break the Veil” used with permission
CLOSING SONG – Dir En Grey “Lotus”

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