Utah Outcasts #127 – Ted Cruzin’

Ooooooh Felicia and X are worked up to a frothing mixture this week as we talk about a couple of things that have really been bothering us this week…and just maybe you might be hearing one of the final Trump Roundups, not because he’s going away, but I think we’ve reached that point where we’re not helping anymore…it’s becoming like summer days in Arkansas as a fat kid. It’s chaffing something fierce.


Week #34 – With it being the week of September 11th in this nation, you’d think that he’d be frothing at the mouth to try and do more muslim hating…not exactly. He did get down to Florida to check out the damage where he scoffed at there only being 33 corpses so far from the hurricane. After that he went back and forth with the democrats on plans that he hates but will support for some reason.

To be honest, and to mirror last week’s statement on this farce of a presidency, it would just be easier to say what he’s NOT fucked up.

With just those 4 segments above we’ve packed more than an hour of amazing entertainment into one episode. We sure hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to come back on Wednesday for your second helping of the Utah Outcasts!

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OPENING SONGAKnewGod “Break the Veil” used with permission
CLOSING SONG – Faith No More “Midnight Cowboy”

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