Utah Outcasts #112 – White Male Fragility

Alright you amazing listeners out in the wide world of podcasts, Kyle and X return today to bring you a second episode that will thrill…ok well I can’t promise thrills, but it’s still an amazing discussion about some very important things. You should totally listen.


Coming on the heels of the Dr. Who announcement where we learned that the doctor is going to be replaced by a woman, the fandom either went two ways, either loved it or HAAATED it. So for this episode of the Geekery we decided to talk about WHY white and male fragility might be a thing…but really it’s mostly an excuse to talk about our favorite gender/race swapped characters.


X has a new rant he wants to share with you all about that accursed generation that has become the poster boy for avarice and not caring about your fellow human. It’s a good one.

Alright folks that’s it for the episodes this week, make sure to stick around for the older Patreon shows that we put out every Friday for you all to enjoy.

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