Utah Outcasts #104 – Lowercase T and Karen Handel

Wow, I know that it’s only been ONE WEEK since you’ve not heard from us, but damn it feels like a whole lot longer. WE ARE BACK and I have to apologize for missing out last week, for those that don’t follow us on Patreon or Facebook…I had a rather rough week with adulting last week and had to scrub recording last Saturday. BUT I feel like I should let you know that I will not let that happen again.

Alright it’s Monday and that means you are in the mood for some current events. Joining me this week were none other than Kyle and Felicia with a special guest appearance by Zach Law from his multitude of shows, and he was gracious enough to join us late late late on the east coast to talk about quite a lot.

NEWS YOU MISSED – Turkey has decided that teaching evolution is too hard to do in regular school, the Finsbury Park mosque attacker is a Christian Terrorist and we need to make sure to address him thusly, a big lowercase letter-t has been found to be illegally placed on public lands in Florida, and finally we talk with Zach about him being a resident in GA06 and how that went for him.

TRUMP ROUNDUP – Week 22 and the AHCA has been revealed and it’s even worse than we ever imagined it. There is the usual cavalcade of insanity going on this week with an added benefit of Trump admitting to crimes on the air.


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