Utah Outcasts #1 – Igneous Stoning

Here it is everybody, the latest installment of PodHell’s epic flagship show, Utah Outcasts. We are three out-and-about atheists in Zion. As usual we delve into current events, news, pop culture, and geek culture because after all, being atheist doesn’t mean that we care only about one that god thing.

As I stated, the panel this week consisted of myself, Kyle Steenblik, and Felicia Entwistle. We change up things a bit this week with heavy news happening in the first break. Then we shift to our light news, a review of Jurassic World, and a slew of pop/geek culture in the second break. Finally we shifted to our main topic of the week, the historical veracity of Jesus Horus Christ. In between all three segments you’ll find some of the finest classic PSAs I could find.

To finish off the show we changed things up a bit and each brought something for each of us to share with you, the listening audience so please join us for a 2+ hour this week. If you wish to get in touch with anyone from the panel, please do so via.

Email: UO@PodHell.com
Voicemail/SMS line: 347-669-3377
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OPENING SONG – Beastie Boys “Root Down”
CLOSING SONG – Christopher Lee “The Bloody Verdict of Verden”