Geek Dad Report

Being a Dad

The first thing and the last thing that you do every single day is worry about your family, take care of your family, and in most cases sacrifice your time and well being for their needs. It’s an entirely thankless job that is paid for with hugs and kisses, and later in life by their success in life.

Being a Geek

Being a dad doesn’t mean that we can’t be geeks as well right? Hell no, in fact, it actually means that we get to relive our favorite things through the eyes of our children.


  • Brian West – Star Wars and Sports Geek first and foremost who isn’t afraid to say that DC is better than Marvel, even though he knows that you can love both.
  • Ryan Thomason – One time jock who is now reformed, your co-host and post apoc geek with a masters degree in zombie survival.