Join PodHell Media

Are you a prospective podcaster? Do you already have a show that you’d like to get further exposure? If you said yes to either one of those questions, then PodHell Media wants to be your friend. It’s all simple really.

As it stands (January 2016), here’s how teaming up with us works…I guess you could consider this the USER AGREEMENT page if you must…but it’s simple really. When it comes to the situation of you being a member of the PodHell Media network it’s fairly straightforward.

We assume that you already have a LibSyn, a Podbean, or your own self hosted site for your show already, and that’s great and honestly we’re all doing the same on our respective shows…HOWEVER, there is strength in numbers and as generally small time podcasters, we all need to stick together. Here’s what we can do for you here on PodHell’s site.

  • We will set up a user account in order to post the newest episodes of your show. We’ll help come up with the boilerplate template for you to use when posting…however if you’re already familiar with WordPress, it should be old hat.
  • You’ll get either a plug on other shows that run on the network or if you have a commercial made we’ll put it into an episode.

What do we expect in return?

  • The only thing that is expected is that you mention the network on your show at some time and a commercial exchange from someone else that is on the PodHell Media network.

You might wonder what the big deal is here…well, it’s simple really, if you don’t cross promote your show with other shows in the real world, you start to stagnate and never really start to grow your audience. What we’re looking to do is set up a site specifically where each show on the network trades equal time in commercials for the benefit of expanding our respective audiences.

Future Benefits

A Vanilla based forum for our listeners and podcasters to interact with their audiences in a central location instead of the scattered FB/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube pages. Estimated date of creation June 2016

A store page for all PHM shows to sell their wares. Estimated date of creation September 2016

Admission to participate in the locally held in Utah (our headquarters) PodHell Media ‘podcast-a-thon’ in which we all get together, record our shows live (with hopefully an audience), have some food and drinks, and raise some cash for a good cause. Right now this is the furthest thing out planned so it would probably be sometime in 2017 before things are finalized.

We are trying to build a nice empire here that is beneficial to all who choose to be part of it. We will never ask for a portion of any advertising you make on your own personal site, a membership fee for using the site, or any of the ads you place within your own podcast. Those are all yours, you can keep it. We might just attempt to make enough via adsense to keep the lights on or a beer or two.

Sound good? Well then head on over to the Contact Us section of the site and let us know!