Geek Dad Report, Episode 97 – TWD Finale, Superhero News, and is Diversity Hurting Comic Sales.

Welcome to the 97th zombie infested episode of the Geek Dad Report!!!!

This week on the show we cover all the news you need to know (16:59) including but not limited to stories about Transformers 14 new ideas, Squirrel Girl’s new TV show, Iron Fist’s huge ratings, the Defenders release date, Invincible’s latest adventure, the Walking Dead’s ratings, the Legend of Conan’s untimely demise, Dune’s new writer, and much much more.

We also talk about the new trailers (45:25) for King Arthur and The Mummy, answer questions from the Faithful 50 (1:17:22), give our weekly recommendations (1:29:54), give our review of the Walking Dead season 7 finale (1:04:05), and lastly have a thoughtful conversation about Marvel comics diversity agenda and if it’s to blame for their poor comics sales (47:26). Enjoy!!