Geek Dad Report, Episode 96 -Justice League, Spider-Man, and Watch IT Make Ryan Cry

Welcome to the 96th justice dealing episode of the Geek Dad Report!!!

This week on the show…

We talk about all the geek/nerd news including Brad Pitt dropping out of the Cable role and who we think would be a good fit, the awesome new teaser trailer for the still too far away seventh season of Game of Thrones, Joss Whedon writing and directing a Batgirl movie for the DCEU, our first look at the CW’s Black Lightning, Justice League’s runtime revealed, early reactions to Pirates of the Caribbean 5 and Fast and Furious 8, the return of True Detective, Wreck-It Ralph 2, Destiny 2, Aaron Sorkin coming to the comic world, our first look at the new Tomb Raider, and much. much more.

We also dive head first into all the awesome new trailers of the week and breakdown all the things you need to know. First we cover all the awesome that was the new Justice League trailer and we tell you all the reason’s it got us excited, then we talk about Spider-Man: Homecoming and if this trailer gave away to much. We also go over the new trailers for War of the Planet of the Apes, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Plants, and finally we get to watch Ryan literally pee his pants when we watch the first trailer for Stephen King’s IT live.

We finish the show with the usual great questions From the Faithful 50, and then Ryan talks about a new book from Disney and I give my review of the new Power Rangers movie in Do or Do not, our weekly recommendations.

It’s a show full of DC and Marvel love, so if you don’t like that than get the Hell out. Just kidding, there are many other things you can love and we except everyone. Enjoy!!!