Geek Dad Report, Episode 95 – Iron Fisted

Welcome to the 95th episode of the one show dedicated to proving critics wrong about the Immortal Iron Fist, the Geek Dad Report!!!

This week on the show…

We bring you all the geek/nerd news of the week (29:13) about the Power Rangers and their five upcoming sequels, Justice League’s new poster and twenty second teaser trailers, possible Cable casting news, Spider-Man lack of involvement in the upcoming Venom and Silver Sable/Black Cat movies, new posters for Alien: Covenant and Guardians of the Galaxy vol:2, Eddie Murphy possibly Coming to America again, Beauty and the Beast’s magical box office numbers, talk about the new Baywatch and Death Note trailers, and much much more.

We also breakdown all the Michael Crichton books and movies (9:50) and go over our favorites for no reason whatsoever, almost forget and then answer all the questions from the Faithful 50 (1:44:42), and give our weekly (this week game inspired) recommendations in Do or Do Not (1:39:50).

Last but certainly not least we give our review of the new Netflix show, Iron Fist(1:13:08). We also break down all the reasons why all the dumb critics are being way too hard on this show and why you should totally become one of the Iron Fisted and check it out. Enjoy!!!!