Geek Dad Report, Episode 89 – Stranger Things, Trailers, FX’s Legion, and Death Race 2050

Welcome to the 89th Craptastic certified episode of the Geek Dad Report!!!

This week on the show…

We dive into all the ninja news (15:49) you need to know, including stories about Netflix’s new Castlevania animated series, Star Wars Land opening dates, Thanos’ role in the Avengers: Infinity Wars, WWZ2 and Friday the 13th’s cinematic fates, the final journey of the original BSG Apollo, the first look at the new Lara Croft, and Kevin Smith’s fantastic idea to bring back Jay and Silent Bob for another new adventure.

We also decided to finally bring back Crap or Craptasic (1:04:40) and this week boy do we ever have a winner for you. This week we watched Death Race 2050, and let me say, you have not watched a movie this gloriously bad in the last 20 years.

Finally, we answer some great questions From the Faithful 50 (55:25), talk about all the new trailers (39:11) from the last week, crown the winner of the GDR Cover 2 (11:55), and let you know if the new FX show Legion is worth checking out (1:16:50) in Do or Do Not. Enjoy!!