Geek Dad Report, Episode 88 – Conan’s Penis Enlargement, Blood Eagles, and How John Wick Created GDR

This week on the massively enlarged episode of the Geek Dad Report…

We talk all the pop culture/nerd news you need to know including stories about John Wick, the DCEU and Batman’s uncertain future, Scarface and Secret of NIMH reboots, Rogue One, the John Wick TV show, Dune’s director, Logan’s not so short run time, and finally we talk about Conan’s adjustable penis size.

We also talk about the new Beauty and the Beast and Fist Fight Trailers in the GDR Trailer Park, answer questions from the Faithful 50, go over our favorite TV shows in Around the Tube, go over the rules of how Brian will win in GDR Cover 2, and finally we give you guys your weekly recommendations in Do or Do Not. It’s a fun, slightly oversized, but not to large episode of the Geek Dad Report. Enjoy!!!