Geek Dad Report Episode 87 – The Last Jedi, Bryan Singer/Fox Sucks, and Brian’s a Dirty Cheater

Welcome to the 87th dirty, no good, two timing, Brian cheat of an episode of the Geek Dad Report!!!

This week on the show…

We dive into all the ninja news (18:36), covering such glorious topics such as the DCEU updates and news, TV renewals, Predator possible victims, Star Wars news, Rogue One’s billion dollars, Alien 5 cancellation, Bryan Singer’s continually screwing of the X-Men universe, James Cameron’s return to the Terminator, Disney’s Marvel video game future, the Rock’s big two part superhero project, and lastly we talk in depth about the Episode 8 tile: The Last Jedi (50:16).

We also get to see how Brian cheated his way to an epic Rocky 2 style victory in GDR Cover 2 (1:04.40), answer all the questions from the Faithful 50 (1:12:20), and finally give our weekly recommendations on fun thing to do this week on Do or Do Not (1:24:40).

It’s a fun nostalgia packed way to spend an hour and half, so load the Top Gun soundtrack into your walkman, and get ready to enter the Danger Zone. Enjoy!!!