Geek Dad Report, Episode 86 – Logan, Power Rangers, and the Sexy Peacock Dance

Welcome to the 86th super sexy spandex and feathers episode of the Geek Dad Report!!!!

This week on the show…

We talk about all the geek/nerd news in the world of pop culture that you need to know in Ninja News (18:29) which includes stories about thinks like the Joker’s possible return to the DCEU, Kevin Smith directing more Supergirl, Professor X and the poop emoji, DC comic’s price hike, Miles Morales big screen debut, the Walking Dead’s violence, and a possible Deadpool 2 Cable casting news.

We also dive head first into the GDR Trailer Park (47:01) and discuss the Logan and Power Rangers super awesome new trailers, we also talk about Death Race 2050, the Tangled TV movie, Injustice 2, and the return of John Oliver.

Finally we go over all of Brian’s ridiculously bad NFL picks in the GDR Cover 2 (1:05:02), answer questions about farting and other fun stuff in questions from the Faithful 50 (1:11:30), give our weekly recommendations in Do or Do not (1:25:20), and lastly Brian has a couple fun stories that you just have to hear (10:25).

It’s another fun episode of the one show that guarantees to be on the top ten list of 2017’s podcasts that you should definitely not listen to. But hey, fuck that list. Enjoy!!!