Geek Dad Report, Episode 84 – What We’re Excited for in 2017…and Yes, It’s Star Wars

This week on the show…
We cover Brian’s dad moment of the week (7:50), talk about all the weekly geek/pop culture stuff of the week in Ninja News (14:10) where we talk all about the possible Deadpool/Wolverine movie, the Merc with the Mouth winning awards, the Man in the High Castle’s renewal, all the money Rogue One is making and it’s reshoots and deleted scenes, Woody Harrelson coming to the Han Solo movie and it’s new release date, and much more. We also talk about the new trailers for Rings and Star Wars: Rebels season 3 in the GDR Trailer Park (41:30), Ryan brags about how bad he beat me in our GDR Cover 2 (44:27), we talk about all the things we are excited for in 2017 and our resolutions for the year (51:50), we answer questions from the Faithful 50 (112:10), and finally we tell you what you should Do or Do not with our weekly recommendations (124:08). So sit back and get ready to start the year out on the right foot with the Geek Dad Report. Enjoy!!!

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