Geek Dad Report, Episode 83 – Go to Hell 2016

Welcome everybody to the final Geek Dad Report of 2016!!!

We really wanted to end thisyear on a high note, but unfortunately 2016 being the complete dick that it is, had other plans. This week the nerd/geek universe lost Carrie Fisher, and we decided that we had to skip the news and spend the first part of the show paying tribute to the woman that will always be our princess. And yes, Brian cried like a little girl, at least on the inside. He did get really emotional and started whining about his crappy childhood again, but in spite of thatl, we pushed through and really tried and give Ms. Fisher a proper sendoff. May the Force be with you Princess Leia. You will be missed.

This being a year end show we knew we couldn’t just focus on all the sad parts of 2016, so we also give you our Best/Worst of the year picks for movies, TV show, and books. We answer questions from the faithful 50, review the new Bose Q35 headphones in our weekly recommendations, review Superman: Rebirth vol 1 in Comics you Crave, go over all the new trailers in the GDR Trailer Park, see who wound up on top in our weekly Cover 2 NFL game picks, and finally we take a little time to thank everyone who’s help make this show what it is. It’s another fun show that start just a little sad, but ends with a roundhouse kick right to 2016’s stupid fat death-loving face. See you next year!!!! Enjoy!

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