Geek Dad Report, Episode 81 – The Star Wars Spectacular

Rogue One is here and we’d like you to help us celebrate this grand Star Wars event by joining us for episode 81 of the Geek Dad Report, The Star Wars Spectacular!!!

This week on the show…

We talk/geek out about all the Star Wars movies, shows, and TV specials over the years and rank them from worst to best. Ryan and Brian ask each other Star Wars trivia, you be the judge who knows more…spoiler alert, it’s Brian, he knows way more than Ryan. We talk about the upcoming Rogue One and our thoughts about Darth Vader’s involvement in the story. And lastly we play with all our cool Star Wars toys/collectibles, and then stroke our lightsabers. Seriously. Sorry, it’s how we roll.

For those of you who just come for the news, fear not, we talk all about the latest weekly happenings in the geek and pop culture universe, and break down all the new movie trailers that came out this week. We also answer questions from the Faithful 50, make all our NFL picks in the GDR Cover 2, and give you our weekly recommendations.

It’s another fun and exciting episode in the galactic story set in a galaxy far far away, or Seattle and Philadelphia for those who want to be dicks about it, ENJOY!!!

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