Geek Dad Report, Episode 79 -Ryan’s Bag of Dicks, Plus Star Wars News

The 79th episode of the Geek Dad Report is here, and spoiler contains a big bag of dicks.

This week on the show we cover a lot of stuff nerd and geek related. What you say? Well here you go…we discuss Star Wars news, Rogue One, Dune’s new franchise potential, The Inhumans and their ABC and IMAX future, Anne Rice and her vampire saga coming to TV, Snowpiercer and it’s TV future, Mario and Zelda coming to Universal Studios, Aliens in Alien: Covenant, the Cars 3 and Mummy trailers, and much much much, did I mention much, more.

We also answer questions from the Faithful 50, predict all the NFL outcomes of week 13, go over all the latest and greatest from TV land in Around the Tube, and lastly Ryan eats a big bag of dicks as Brian tries to review a couple of new movies in our Weekly Recommendations. So get ready, it’s another dick-packed and highly unprofessional episode of the Geek Dad Report. Enjoy!!!

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