Geek Dad Report, Episode 73 – Go to Hell Windows…Plus Rogue One Awesomesness

Welcome everybody to the 73rd technically challenged episode of the the Geek Dad Report!

This week on the show, we fight through some insane technical issues and talk about all the weekly nerd stuff you have to know. Including things like, the new Rogue One trailer and poster…spoiler alert, it’s epic, Guy Ritchie and Aladdin, John Wick 2 and maybe 3, Netflix and Marvel shows, Iron Fist’s first trailer, the new Power Rangers trailer and posters, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’s 5 movie deal, the first look at Amber Heard’s Mera, and much much more.

We also rant about how much Windows can kiss our asses, answer questions from the faithful 50, give weekly recommendation, and lastly do some other stuff that I can’t remember…sorry, it’s been a long night. Either way, it’s a fun show that despite all the issues, still turned out pretty fun. Check it out and as always, ENJOY!!!

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