Geek Dad Report, Episode 71 – Ghost Rider, Jumanji, and Brian’s Mexican Vacation

Welcome everybody to the 71st head-on-fire and Speedo wearing episode of the Geek Dad Report!!!!

This week on the show the Geek Dads of Vengeance talk all about Ghost Rider and his epic Agents of SHIELD debut, John Wick 2, Power Ranger and their Zords, The Dark Tower movie and television series, Game of Thrones Emmy’s and Prequels/spinoffs, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence’s Passengers, a new Spawn movie, SyFy’s Magicians unedited, CW’s new app, Jumanji making people mad, Marvel’s ten year plan, comic book movies and the over-saturation effect, and much much so much more news. We also answer questions from the Faithful 50, talk about our Geek Dad moments of the week, give our weekly recommendations, and lastly Brian gives a full rundown of all the scantily clad activities he plans on doing during his Mexican vacation. As you can see its another can’t miss episode of epic proportions, so lean back, grab a cerveza (that’s beer for all of you none Mexico travelers), and get ready to have your minds set on fire. It’s time to deal out some judgement…Enjoy!!

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