Geek Dad Report, Episode 37 – Haters Gonna hate, hate, hate

Cue Taylor Swift song

Welcome to another episode of the Geek Dad Report for this first week of December! Tonight, Brian and Ryan drink because kids bedtimes were awesome, Nerd news for this week, a confused review of Black Jack Ketchum from Image Comics, listener Q&A, plus a rant about haters on the new Superman V Batman trailer!

This weeks recommendations!

Ryan: Play TICKET TO RIDE on your iOS, Android or Steam account. It’s an addicting game that can be played in extremely short bursts. You can check out my full review that went up this week as well!

Brian: Drink, have sex, go to a comedy club, watch the Hawks beat the Steelers, get a hotel downtown, and watch the Flash/Arrow crossover with Vandal Savage. Now, go fit all that into your schedule.

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This Week’s Recommendation:

Ryan: He thinks everyone should read Conan the Avenger #20 by Dark Horse Comics. It’s the start of a great new Conan story arc and it’s a perfect place to start reading if you are new to Conan comics. Also Ryan just really loves Conan, and he wants everyone to love Conan with him.

Brian: I think everyone should go see Matt Damon in The Martian. It’s a great movie that’s surprising funny, thrillingly suspenseful, and full of great performances. It really does deserve all the great reviews it’s gotten and it’s a must see on the big screen.

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