Geek Dad Report, Episode 127 – Giving Handy’s in the Back of a Van…Plus News!!!

Welcome to the NSFW, cocaine in the back of the van edition of the Geek Dad Report!!!!

This week on the show we really took a leap off the ledge of sanity and recorded something that could only generously be described as entertainment. Mostly we just made jokes about hand jobs, cocaine, and Fox News. So if that’s your thing then you’re in for something real special.

Side note, we also mange to prattle on about the week’s top geek/nerd stories, go over all the new trailers that dropped, talked about why Black Panther is just what we need and why you should get tickets now, answer questions from the faithful 50, and lastly talk about X-Files season 11 and Ready Player One in our weekly recommendations. Enjoy!!!

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