Geek Dad Report, Episode 126 – Cryptocurrency, GOT’s Return Date, and Why Jodie Foster is Wrong

This week on the 126th edition of the one show dedicated to making sure you know just what the hell is going on right now in the world of pop culture…

We talk all the weekly news you need to know including the Game of Throne’s season 8 return date, The Gifted and Runaways’ season 2 renewals, Rian Johnson’s new Star Wars trilogy shoot dates, The Last Jedi’s box office numbers and just how much Disney has already made off a galaxy far far away, Justice League news including a new boss at WB, Bright 2 is officially happening, Animaniacs is getting rebooted at Hulu, and much much more.

We also go into an in-depth conversation about why Jodie Foster is wrong to blame superheroes for the decline of quality films at the box office, answer all the questions from the Faithful 50 (including one that sends us into our first ever financial advice segment), and then lastly we give our weekly recommendations. ENJOY!!!

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