Geek Dad Report, Episode 100 – We Made it

This week on the Geek Dad Report…

The end is finally here…of the first 100 episodes that is. What, did you think we were ending the show? No way. Brian is way too in love with seeing his face appear online once a week to ever stop doing this. Plus in the immortal words of Ryan’s favorite band, Don’t stop Believing, so we never will. Also that song is now playing on repeat in your head so you’re welcome for that. Anyway, what was I talking about…oh ya, the 100th episode of the Geek Dad Report is finally here, and we have quite the show for you. First we start with random stories of Jamaica and Ryan’s weird sexual doll fantasies, then move to the GDR Trailer Park where we talk about The Dark Tower, Kingsman 2, and The Defenders. After that we dive into all the Ninja News, answer questions from the Faithful 50, and give our weekly recommendations. We also dive deep into nostalgia and go over our favorite things about our first 100 episodes and what we are up to for the next 100.

It’s been a great first 100 everyone, thanks for being part of the ride!!! Enjoy!