Geek Dad Report, Ep125 -Jumanji 2 and Netflix’s Bright Reviews, and Best/Worse of 2017

Welcome to the 125th end of 2017 edition of the Geek Dad Report!!!! This week on the show…

We spend a little time covering all 5 of the news stories that hit the wire this week including why Ridley Scott has lost his Alien mind and why Fox need to hand that franchise to Neil Blomkamp, the Han Solo movie and box office bomb it’s rumored to be, lots of Last Jedi news, and finally Superman prequel stuff on SyFy.

We also spend a huge chunk of time talking about all the fun to be had in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Netflix’s Bright, and why you definitely should see them both.

Finally we rant about toxic fan culture and what it’s doing to the things we all love, why we’re glad 2017 is coming to an end, and what we’re looking forward to in the upcoming year.

Happy New Year and Enjoy!!!

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