Geek Dad Report, Ep121 – Huge Star Wars News, Justice League, and Stupid Corrupted Data Files

Welcome to the 121th data corrupted episode of the Geek Dad Report!!!!

*Full Disclose, this is the second time I had to record the 121th episode of the show. The first time was a 67 minute glory ride on the waves of awesome, that truth be told might have been my finest show. Then the stupid file somehow became corrupted and unplayable, so I had to re-record the episode and that is now what I present to you. I apologize if I sound hoarse, tired, or annoyed, but I wanted everyone to have a new episode before we took a couple weeks off for Thanksgiving so I hit record for a second time and powered through the same content for a second time. Hopefully you enjoy the show. Thanks for watching. -Brian

This week on the show…

I dive into all that HUGE Star Wars new that dropped last week and give you all my thoughts on where the saga is headed, give you all the reason I believe every comic fan should go see Justice League, talk about the latest pop culture/nerd news of the week, and we breakdown all the new trailers that dropped this week.

I also answer questions from the faithful 50, and finally give my weekly recommendations. It’s another solo episode from the biggest mouth of the Geek Dads, check it out!!

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