Geek Dad Report, Ep116 – Things That Are Coming Back…Plus We Review The Gifted

These week on the 116th episode of the Geek Dad Report we’ll take any and all things that are coming back for $100 Alex!!!…

Like the title says, we have tons of news about so many things that are coming back including stories about The Flash, The DCEU or whatever they’re calling it these days, Tom Petty’s untimely passing, Star Wars, The Last Jedi, The Punisher, Yo-Yo and Agents of SHIELD, Netflix price hikes, Luke Cage season 2, Star Wars Rebels, The Unbreakable/Split sequel, new nerd shows coming to Amazon, Coming to America 2, and much much more.

We also give our full mostly spoiler-free review of Fox’s The Gifted, answer questions from the Faithful 50, and give our weekly recommendations. This week it’s Orville and the iPhone 8 Plus,


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