Geek Dad Report, Ep114 – Punisher, Porgs, and We Review ‘IT’

Welcome to the 114th Clown infested Porg-riffic episode of the Geek Dad Report!!!

This week on the show…

We cover all the news you need to know including all the latest on the Han Solo movie, The Last Jedi’s newly released photos, The Inhumans and the Defenders being Marvel’s first missteps, The Wolverine possibly getting a reboot, The Predator’s suburban setting, HBO’s Watchman, the first trailers for Tomb Raider and Netflix’s Punisher, Terminator 6, True Lies coming to television, Man of Steel 2 and Matthew Vaughn, and much much more.

We also answer questions from the Faithful 50, give our weekly recommendations, and finally watch Ryan squirm as Brian gives his mostly spoiler-free review of the biggest horror movie of all time, ‘IT’.

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