Geek Dad Report, Ep113 – J.J Abrams, The iPhone, and Ryan Are All Back!!

Ryan is finally back for the 113th Apple powered episode of the Geek Dad Report!!!

This week on the show…

We give you the lowdown on all the nerd/geek news of the week including Apple’s new iPhone 8 and X, all the Episode 9 behind the scenes drama and it’s new director, Patty Jenkin’s got paid, George R.R is ready to kill people in space, Hellboy’s new look, John Wick 3’s release date, Tim Miller is directing a Terminator movie, a Die Hard kids book, and much much more.

We also talk about the movies that scared us as kids, what Stephen King books we’s like to see made into new movies, answer all questions from the Faithful 50, and lastly we give our recommendations of the week (Outlander and Magnificent 7). Enjoy!!!

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