Geek Dad Report, Ep108 – Meet the Porgs

This week on the 108th Porg-tastic episode of the Geek Dad Report!!…

We cover all the weekly pop culture happenings including the latest and cutest addition to the Star Wars universe, the Porgs!! Seriously, these might be the cutest things this side of the known galaxy. Plus we cover the first Josh Brolin Cable photos, NBC’s latest slew of remakes, Karl Urban’s possible Judge Dredd return, Netifix’s new acquisition, Disney’s new streaming service and middle finger to Netflix, Avatar’s old villain returns, Hunger Games and Twilight prequels/sequels, Super Troopers 2 status, Knight Rider’s return, and all the Star Wars: The Last Jedi news you could possibly shake a Porg at.

We also answer all the great questions from the Faithful 50, ramble on about all the fun things that happened this week, and give you three different weekly recommendations. It’s a fun show that is so cute you could actually die…or at least turn into a Porg. Enjoy!!!

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