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Hey folks, welcome back to the beginning of the week, I won’t call it a Monday if you won’t because that’s likely to get your ass kicked…but the Utah Outcasts […]

Utah Outcasts #151 – Denture Slip Don

Originally published 1 December 2016. Since it’s now officially past the one-year threshold we now present it to you! If you want to hear more episodes of this type of […]

Know Your Enemy #2 – Ray Comfort

Sometimes I giggle to myself about how clever I am making episode titles, it’s not everyday that you get to put a double entendre in one. Alright, let’s get down […]

Utah Outcasts #147 – Friar Bread

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Monday, it sucks that the week begins again but at least we’re still alive right? Has anyone seen President Trump? Oh wait he’s in Asia, […]

Utah Outcasts #143 – Oh Shut Up Gohmert

Hey everyone it’s Wednesday once again and we certainly hope your week is going well. We’ve got the second of our weekly episode so come along on a solo adventure […]

Utah Outcasts #136 – Values Voter Summit

Hey everybody, welcome back to Monday, we know that it sucks the weekend is officially over, but at least you’ve got us to keep you busy for at least an […]

Utah Outcasts #135 – Feminism Died?

Hey everybody, we’ve got a ton of content this week so I’m going to keep the intro stuff to a minimum, welcome back to the Utah Outcasts, hooray new episodes! […]

Utah Outcasts #133 – He HATES Soccer

Sometimes it really sucks recording news ahead of time when huge headlines break right after we release episodes…but not to worry, we will be talking about the Vegas stuff on […]

Utah Outcasts #131 – Cannibal Buckets

Wednesday, the final stretch! In the second episode of the Utah Outcasts for this week we bring you a lot of headlines along with the return of our special guest […]

Utah Outcasts #130 – Psychic Vampires