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Welcome to the 95th episode of the one show dedicated to proving critics wrong about the Immortal Iron Fist, the Geek Dad Report!!! This week on the show… We bring […]

Geek Dad Report, Episode 95 – Iron Fisted

On this week’s episode of Utah Outcasts we’ve got one of the best shows I think we’ve ever done. Join X, Kyle, and Felicia as we go over the following […]

Utah Outcasts #82 – Nyet Comrade

Alright alright you surly listeners, I know you’ve been waiting for this week’s show to come out and you’re in luck because HERE IT IS. Kyle, Geoff, and X have […]

Utah Outcasts #81 – The Great Wall

Welcome to 2017 everyone! This is the first episode of the new year and we couldn’t be happier to bring it to you, however only two of the panel felt […]

Utah Outcasts #80 – Back to Work

Well, X has gone and done it, he screwed the pooch. Producing an episode this week was just impossible. Not only could he not get in front of a mic […]

Utah Outcasts 2016 Year-in-Review

When it gets to be this close to the new year, the Utah Outcasts’ ranks start to dwindle, as this episode you get a whole heapin’ helping of X and […]

Utah Outcasts #79 – Debbie Downer